Thursday, September 6, 2012


As an avid reader and author, I have a great appreciation for the printed word. I love books--especially hard-bound printed books. But there are some distinct benefits to eBooks. And since we're offering so many of them these days--both free and paid--I thought it would be good to share some of the advantages eBooks have over printed books.

1. They're quicker to obtain. If you want specific information and it's available in a book, you can purchase an eBook and download it immediately. Instead of waiting for a printed book to be delivered, you can assess this information now.

2. eBooks are more easily updated and upgraded. Information changes rapidly today. Books on many subjects can become dated very quickly. eBooks can be easily and quickly kept up to date. When you order an eBook, it can be the most up-to-the-minute information available.

3. You usually get far more than just the book. Most eBooks are sold with bonuses and related information that usually don't come with the purchase of a traditional book. You might pay the same or even a bit more for an eBook, but you usually get more, too.

4. eBooks take up less space. Instead of a bulky library, you can fit literally thousands of books on your computer. It also makes it easier to share this information with family and coworkers.

5. eBooks don't use up trees. Except when you print one out--something I usually do for booklets and special reports--eBooks use very few natural resources. We save trees and help reduce pollution from pulp mills.

6. They're more portable. You can have quick and easy access to hundreds of books on your desktop computer, notebook or eBook reader. They're much easier to take with you than traditional tomes.
7. References can be hot-linked. Easy links to Web sites and other references can be placed in an electronic book. While reading, you can click on hot links to other places to find out more. With the proliferation of wireless networks, this will become even more useful.

8. You can custom brand them. Other people's eBooks can be branded with your name and you can allow others to brand YOUR eBooks with THEIR name. There are many viral eBooks and reports that the creators will often allow you to give away or sell, with your name or company's name shown on the cover or linked at the end.

9. You can do global searches and find information quickly. When you're looking for certain information within a book, you can easily find it using the find feature. It saves you time and aggravation looking for something in particular.

10. The technology will get better. This is an emerging technology and people are often slow to change. But as the quality of monitors improve and become more compact and mobile, more and more we'll be reading electronic books.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Soul is Bleeding (Vol. 1) .....Iyces was a young girl that married her high school sweetheart. A few years into the marriage, her husband became addict to drugs. This is her story of how she survived the mental and physical abuse that was thrust upon her and her children on a daily bases. Iyces did a lot of things that she is ashamed of like becoming a drug mule, committing murder on several occasions and having an affair. She did what she felt that she had to do at the time in order to survive but, at what price? She was brutally beaten, raped and left for dead. This is her story of survival.

Demon Hunter Series is here..... Protector, Book 1 in the Demon Hunter Series Love is, and always will be, the bane and blessing of our existence. Its power is unavoidable, immeasurable, and undeniable. It can make us or break us. It is the reason Angels envy us and Demon’s hate us. It fuels rage, calms despair, and destroys sorrow. And for Elijah Garland, love will be the key. Heaven has known no peace since the creation of man. Angels despise us and seek our demise, for he loves us most. They rebel, seeking to return to a time when they were his most cherished. They ignore the evil that is ever present in our world, leaving us defenseless against Lucifer and his minion. Demon Hunter is the epic tale of Elijah Garland, a young man who has come to the decision that his life was never meant to be. Convinced that love and happiness will only be found in death, he ends his life. But when he awakens 3 days later, framed for murder, he finds out that his life has only just begun and that there was a reason for all of the tragic events in his life. He learns that there is a single being directly responsible for all of his misery- a misery designed to strengthen his soul for the ultimate goal of his true reason for being. Will Elijah be able to overcome his faithless existence and place his trust in a God he feels has abandoned him? Or will he succumb to the powerful temptations of evil? And what is this ultimate purpose he has been singled aside for? All this Elijah must learn and learn fast, for the FBI is hot on his trail and dark things are now hell bent on his demise. The key to Elijah Garland's future may well rest within the hands of the beautiful Ebonee Lane, the FBI Agent he finds himself falling for and whose single purpose is to bring him in.

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Sacrifice, Book 2 in the Demon Hunter Series Elijah's faith is again brought into question as he struggles with his decision to leave Ebonee for her own protection. But is he too late? Ebonee's soul is snatched away and held prisoner by a vengeful demon, hell bent on repaying the Protector for banishing him from the realm of man. Sinister plans are already in motion that will free one of the most horrible beings ever to set foot upon the earth-Shemhazai, one of the original fallen angels, banished and condemned by God for the corruption of mankind. Buried deep in the bowels of the Egyptian desert, his soul awaits freedom from the four Seraphim guardians watching over his tomb.

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Faith, Book 3 in the Demon Hunter Series Demon Hunter is a hard hitting, fast paced, romantic thrill ride. The story follows a young African American man, named Elijah Garland, who has come to the decision that his life was never meant to be. Convinced that love and happiness will never find him, he gives up, but finds out that his life has only just begun, and that there was a reason for all of the tragic events in his life. Elijah learns that there is a deity directly responsible for all of his misery, and as the overwhelming truth is slowly fed to him, Elijah realizes just how small a player he is in this game -- a game being played by Angels. Elijah has been chosen to represent a god that he has never placed faith in to do a job that the Angels are too busy to do at the moment: destroy demons.

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